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Thunder Breaker Ref Sheet(READ DESCRIPTION) by Thunder-Breaker Thunder Breaker Ref Sheet(READ DESCRIPTION) by Thunder-Breaker
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Name: Thunder Breaker


Nickname: Thunder, Sparky


Equestria Girls name: Trevor Buxingham


R63 name: Storm Buster


Age: 17


Birthday: June 12th


Species: Pegasus


Gender: male


Relationship status and sexuality: straight, taken by Strawberry Terrine…

They met one day after Thunder's stormball game and Terri had a crush on him for a long time. She finally worked up the courage to say hi and said he was really cool. Being the egotistical pony he is, he took a liking to her and they became friends. Terrine would watch him fly and cheer him on at games. At first, Thunder only liked her because she always said how awesome and handsome he was, but eventually he grew genuine feelings for her. She was always nice, always believing in him and always there for him. He soon asked her on a date and now the two ponies are happily together.


Born in: Los Pegasus


Lives in: Ponyville



 Bolt Blast- brother
 Aero Burst- mother
 Blackout- father
 Power Volt- cousin 

Wingpower: 14.5


Speed trail: blue with a yellow thunderbolt


Alignment: Rebel Impure


Greatest virtue: Perseverance


Fatal flaw: Deceitfulness


Personality: cocky, tricky, dishonest, short tempered, flirty, strong, energetic, ambitious, violent, resilient, arrogant, and resourceful


Likes: flying, the Wonderbolts, being the best, winning, pretty mares, looking cool, praise, tricking ponies, rock music, showing off


Dislikes: being caught lying, losing, ponies smarter than him, foals, criticism, being around his family, being told what to do, not doing as well as he wants to, tight spaces


Hobbies: Speed flying, playing the drums, working out


Theme Song: A Warrior’s Call by Volbeat


Voice Actor: Bill Wise (Knuckles from the Sonic OVA)



0-2: Thunder Breaker was born to Aero Burst and Blackout, two weather ponies in Los Pegasus. Aero Burst was always very coddling and warm while Blackout is very energetic and sporty. Thunder takes after his father not only in appearance but attitude as well. He was a very playful foal and learned to fly early. He would often bump into things while flying and had a few bruises. He learned to speak a little later than most foals, but it wasn’t a big deal. When he was born, his grandmother gave him a grey blanket with lightning bolts on the border. Thunder still sleeps with it to this day.

 3-6: Around the time he began preschool, Thunder Breaker found his love for flying and loved playing with the other colts. He was very possessive of his toys and didn’t quite get the concept of generosity. He liked to tease the fillies by tugging on their tails or calling them names. 

7-11: Thunder Breaker grew up and saw that he was faster than most ponies his age. He grew very competitive and greedy and often challenged ponies to races. He would bet a few bits that he’d win and the other pony would place their bits as well. He would force ponies to race him or else he’d fight them, and because of that, Thunder was quite the bully in school. He took other ponies’ lunch money as his prize and spent a number of afternoons in detention or being scolded. It was also around this time that he joined Junior Competitive Flying. Thunder earned his cutie mark by winning the Los Pegasus JCF competition when he was 12.


12-14: Now an older colt, Thunder Breaker earned his cutie mark when he won the Los Pegasus Elementary Colt Speed Flying competition. He grew quite a bit of an ego and was very proud of his achievement. He bragged about it to the other colts and still bullied them into races.


Current: Thunder Breaker is a young Pegasus stallion from Los Pegasus who moved to Ponyville when he was 15. He always loved being the best and challenging other ponies to races. He bet that he was faster than they were and always won. Thunder grew up to be cocky, self-centered and dishonest, still challenging ponies to race when he knows he’ll win. But there are a few ponies he wouldn’t race, including Rainbow Dash. He won’t ever challenge anypony who he thinks could beat him.

Thunder Breaker has loved the Wonderbolts since he was a colt and wishes he could join them, but he doesn’t have the bits to apply for the Academy. Instead, he blasts around Ponyville challenging ponies to races, causing thunderstorms when he goes at top speed. Thunder has always been a great flyer, clocking at 14.5 wingpower and being in the top 15% in Equestria for speed. Though he’s extremely fast, he has great trouble maneuvering at that speed and may crash into something if he doesn’t have the time to react.

Thunder Breaker moved to Ponyville to show more ponies that he was the best..or so he thought. He met Rainbow Dash there, saw her perform the Sonic Rainboom at the Junior Flyer’s competition and grew deeply envious. He was determined to be the absolute best in all Equestria and no Element of Loyalty was going to get in his way. To this day he strives to beat Dash’s 16.5 wingpower, training in his spare time to become the best, but can’t seem to pass 14.5.

He likes to trick and scare ponies and Nightmare Night is his favorite time of the year. He’ll dress up in a costume to scare little foals and take their candy. Thunder will also trick them into giving him their candy by telling them a story or lying to them. In a race, he’ll opt to take shortcuts and cheat ahead of the pony, even if he can win by speed alone. Thunder absolute hates to lose and isn’t a stranger to cheating if he thinks he could lose.

Thunder Breaker flies all around Ponyville and the area near it, often wanting to explore the Everfree Forest, but while he puts up a tough front, he’s afraid of the forest just like the other ponies. He’d never admit it though, being too prideful to tell anypony.

Thunder is the type of stallion who always wants to look good for his friends and the mares. He hates messing up and refuses to fail, even if he really can’t do it. He’s somewhat easy to embarrass and finds his mom and brother extremely embarrassing. He’ll try and show off his speed in front of mares in hopes of impressing them. If Thunder Breaker had an element, it would be Persistence. He wants to be the fastest flyer in all of Equestria and beat Rainbow Dash, and he’ll never give up until he has that title. When he has his sights set on a personal goal, Thunder Breaker will never quit until he achieves it, no matter how difficult it is or how long it takes. 

Power Pony: His Power Pony form is the villain Storm Surge, who is bent on controlling all electricity and power to Maretropolis.

Discorded Effect: Thunder loses all ambition and just sits around doing nothing. He thinks very lowly of himself when discorded.


Mother: Thunder is deeply embarrassed by his mother and keeps her out of his personal life. He doesn't talk to her often.

Father: Thunder admires his father and loves racing him and playing Stormball.

Brother: Thunder mocks his brother frequently and thinks he's just a loser.

Cousin: Volt and Thunder are very close and love racing each other. Thunder especially, as he always wins.

Best Friend(s): - Power Volt

Friends: - Kerfuffle, Cuppa Jo, Cumulus Delight, Sourpuss Grape


Acquaintances: - September Moon, Spookycut


Disliked Ponies: - Shining Dream, Happily Everafter, Bolt Blast, Burning Heart, Never After, Heat Rock


Rivals: -


Enemies: Rainbow Dash, Lightning Rocker




Bases are by :iconemii-desu: :iconribbetlion: :iconiap0c0lyptik:, :iconpozitheteensie: :iconetosama: and :iconselenaede:

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